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Ali ♥
30 May 2009 @ 07:17 pm
sooo... escribí algo que se supone, debe sonar como una canción, simplemente son lyrics que pueden cambiar con el paso de los días dependiendo de como me sienta, de como modele las palabras... una melodía, eso vendrá después.
She goes outside
She lights another cigarette, she knows it wont last.
She waits for the pain to fade away, fade away.
This is the story of a fractured soul.
She's just the girl who loved him so.
She lets the wind play with her brown hair
She looks at her skin, with the marks of his touch.
She wipes her tears from her hazel eyes, but they keep falling down.
She takes that old shirt, and holds it tight.
She screams, she bleeds... and then she hugs it near her chest.
She says " I love you " & mourns alone.
Her eyes show no sign of life
Her mouth speaks no more
She's lonely, she's empty
Just a body walking in a world with no light.
She has no strenght
She waits for him to cross that door, but he never came.
She looks back with fear, the look in his eyes, that smile, so divine.
She listens to his words, his voice turns into a fragile whisper
" I don't love you, let me go "
This is just another broken heart
with a wound who resists to heal
and as she fades away..., he smiles
" i'm okay, you're just pathetic "
This is my song, the story of my first love.