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LJ closed - 3 years active THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for following my icons! but sadly Zombie Violence came to an end but don't be sad you can still see my creations here (wineandpearls ) ! 

So guys, I've been passing this through my mind long ago ; First I didn't knew what to do with ZV because here I have lots of stuff that I wouldn't like to lose but at the same time is stuff that I don't want to remember because most of it hurts like stuff from my first love and so on and it's been almost a year and I'm still in the process of healing , I wanted to keep this LJ just clean it and pretend everything was okay but I couldn't I just felt like the same girl that I was 3 years ago and I'm not, I didn't liked that feeling even when having my icons here and so many people liking them I just couldn't keep it.

ZV was a great experience, it's the first time I've been so active on LJ 3 years! and making icons and posting to communities was great I mean when I first started with and LJ I was to ashamed of showing my graphics but no i'm not and that's an awesome feeling (: because I like to share my stuff.

I kind of left this to die... it's been a long time since I posted icons and I didn't like that feeling I felt like betraying someone and that's not a good feeling, believe me so I wanted to start from the scratch that's why I decided to open a new LJ I know all of this might sound very dramatic but I just felt like explaining why this sudden news and of course I didn't want to left Zombie Violence just died at last I wanted it to be special just like it always was so here I am, saying goodbye to an old part of my life and inviting you to the new one I'd really like you to be part of it (: so I'll be waiting you on my new home (wineandpearls ) thanks!

Love, Ali

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